Sam Rainsy calls on Cambodian farmers to switch rice planting technique

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Opposition leader Sam Rainsy (Photo: Sovannara, RFI)

13 April 2010
By Leang Delux
Radio France Internationale
Translated from French by Heng Soy
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Opposition leader Sam Rainsy sent his New Year greeting message to the Cambodian people and he also called on Cambodian farmers to switch to the new rice planting technique. Sam Rainsy asked Cambodian farmers to turn to the system of rice intensification planting technique.

Opposition leader Sam Rainsy did not remain still during his forced exile from the lawsuits initiated y the against him by the Cambodian government. During the Cambodian New Year celebration, from France, Sam Rainsy called on Cambodian farmers – who in the past had to rely entirely on nature to bring in rain water – to turn to the system of rice intensification (SRI) planting technique instead. The SRI is a modified rice planting technique which requires the selection the proper type of rice plant and the proper use of fertilizer in order to produce high crop yield.

In his letter dated 11 April, Sam Rainsy claimed that the SRP, his party, is paying great attention to the training of a new farming technique to the farmers in the entire country so that they may obtain high crop yield, and the SRP is also looking for market for the farmers so that they may sell their crops at a reasonable price. In doing so, Sam Rainsy claimed that the SRP would raise and ease the livelihood of Cambodian farmers.

Yang Saing Koma, director of the CEDAC NGO, commented that Sam Rainsy’s appeal was correct and that it will push Cambodian farmers to pay attention the SRI. Yang Saing Koa explained that the change from a farming technique that depends on nature to the SRI farming technique will only bring benefit to the Cambodian farmers. According to the latter, each year, the number of farmers switching to the SRI is increasing. Such farming technique switching is due to the publication and training provided by CEDAC and the ministry of Agriculture.

Hun Xen used to indicate also that his government is trying to resolve the irrigation issue and he is also pushing rice production so that Cambodia would become the largest rice exporter in the world by 2015.


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