Gathering of Cambodian Women at Wat Khemara Rangsey-San Jose, California

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gathering of Cambodian Women at Wat Khemara Rangsey-San Jose, California 4 April, 2010

As women represent more than 50% of Cambodia's population, it is vital that 5 key issues for change for women in Cambodia are addressed. These key issues are: 1/ land rights; 2/ access to free and quality health care; 3/ access to free and quality education; 4/ life free from violence; 5/ access to an independent and competent justice system.

More than 75% of Cambodians are struggling to survive despite the government's claim for progress. The five key issues for the poor and for women in Cambodia are affected by widespread land grabbings by people with power and unchecked economic concessions by the government, the high costs of health care and education, the culture of impunity and corruption in the court system.

At the gathering of more than 100 Cambodians living in the San Jose, Stockton and Oakland areas who visited Wat Khemara Rangsey the week-end of 4 April, Mu Sochua, one of the six female MPs, from the Sam Rainsy Party said " to allow more 75% of our people to live in such high risk of deprivation and violence is to deprive them of their basic human rights. For women, abject poverty puts then in higher risk of sexual exploitation and assaulth. As elected representatives of the people, we are accountable to our people and we intend to bring change with a development policy that put social and economic justice first."

Following the meeting which lasted over four hours, petitions and letters were sent to members of the US Congress and State Department to appeal for the US Administration's close monitoring of the situation of human rights and commitment to free and fair elections in Cambodia.

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