Hang Chakra to continue publishing newspaper

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hang Chakra talked to reporters after his release from Prey Sar jail on 13 April 2010 (Photo: Sok Serey, RFA)

14 April 2010
By Leang Delux
Radio France Internationale
Translated from Khmer by Heng Soy
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Hang Chakra, the Editor-in-Chief of the Khmer Machas Srok newspaper who was released as planned in the afternoon of 13 April, declared that he will gather all his colleagues to re-open the Khmer Machas Srok newspaper after the Cambodian New Year celebration.

Hang Chakra, the Editor-in-Chief of the Khmer Machas Srok newspaper, told RFI on 14 April that he will meet and gather all his colleagues soon after the celebration of the Cambodian New Year in order to restart the publication of the Khmer Machas Srok newspaper. The newspaper had to suspend its publication on 02 April due to bankruptcy.

After his release from jail, Hang Chakra claimed that he will continue his journalism profession because this is what he likes and wants to do. He indicated that he was elated to be released from jail, but what worries him now is the search for funds to restart his newspaper. As a newspaper leaning toward the opposition Sam Rainsy Party, Hang Chakra revealed that he will most likely try to obtain support from this party, nevertheless, he is more confident on his own funding source.

Today, opposition leader Sam Rainsy sent a greeting message to Hang Chakra for his release from jail.

Hang Chakra was sued by the government lawyer for disinformation on 2 articles that affected Xok An, the vice-PM. The court sentenced Hang Chakra to 1-year of jail term staring from July 2009. Hang Chakra was released after completing 2/3 of his sentence and Hun Xen requested King Sihamoni to pardon him.

Hang Chakra claimed that, from now on, he will write articles where there are definite sources.


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