Naga World: The New Year Scrooge?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fired Naga World employees protested in front of the company on 13 April 2010 (Photo: Khe Sonorng, RFA)
Naga World Casino

Naga World staff protest against unexplained firing

14 April 2010
By Khe Sonorng
Radio Free Asia
Translated from Khmer by Heng Soy
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About 50 employees of the Naga World Casino have gathered to protest their firing without prior warning and without providing clear reason on this action.

On 13 April, several employees of the Naga World Company, including both employees who were already fired and those who are not fired yet, have gathered in front of the company office after their managers fired them one after another without providing any explanation.

Miss San Molita, a more than 1-year-long card dealer for Naga World Casino, indicated that the company administrators fired her from her job on the spot without giving her any prior notice nor explaining the reason or providing any of the mistakes she may have committed.

San Molita said: “Less than one hour after I was dealin[g card to customers, I was told to go meet them (managers). I asked them what was the problem? [I was told:] ‘Sister! They are firing you! They told you to get all your stuff and get out!’. I said that I have no problem, but this is my working hour, and if I leave during working hours, I’m afraid that they would accuse me of being absent from work today. They counted the money for me, I got $515.15, but I lost my night shift pay and a lot of tip money. I can’t tell you the whole thing, it’s too much! What they did was not right. Then they lifted me and dragged me out, they asked the security to kick me out!”

Miss Thet Sophannary, a 7-year employee of Naga World who was fired by the company’s administrator, made similar claims also: “When they fired us, they had employees on standby to replace us. They fired us during the Cambodian New Year celebration and all state institutions are not working, therefore, I don’t know who can help us? I think what they did was against the law, I don’t know the exact cause [of the firing]. If we didn’t follow the [company’s] rule by, say if we were to steal money – because this job involves dealing with money – or affect the company, etc… then their firing would be legal and we wouldn’t have anything to protest about, but here there is no clear cause [for the firing].”

Naga World employees who are protesting in front of the company claimed that, up until 13 April, the company managers have already fired 38 employees and a number of other employees will be fired next: “They said that on 13 April, there will be 60 other employees fired. Now, we heard that they already highlighted the names of those who will be fired [next]…”

Gregory Goh, director of human resources for Naga World, declined to comment on the cause of the firing or the number of employees fired.

Today, RFA could not reach the ministry of Labor yet as it is closed for the Cambodian New Year celebration.

Protesting Naga World employees indicated that on 26 February 2009, the company managers fired 14 employees who were labor union representatives there. Then on 16 February 2010, a group of mediators ordered Naga World to reintegrate 4 of the union representatives fired, but the company refused. Because of this problem, on 08 March 2010, more than 1,000 employees boycotted their work and they asked that their union representatives be reintegrated back to work, but so far the company did not provide any resolution to this problem.


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