Looking for a disappearing sister

Monday, April 12, 2010

Dear All,

I am searching for my sister, who has been missing since the first day of Khmer Rouge took over the country on 17 April 1975. My sister named Kim Soeun. She is about 57 years old up to date. Our father name: Mr. Kim Sich and mother: Kim Sath. Family and I have never heard a single news associated with her whereabouts since then. Until proven otherwise, I never give up my hope of searching and remain confident to re-unite with her again.

The anniversary of the Black Day on 17 April 1975 will be coming soon. Please help me to post my search in your website.

Thank you.

Happy New Year to you!


If you have information about Ms. Kim Soeun, please contact: pakka.khmer@gmail.com


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