You really lost it KI[-Media]! You really lost it!

Monday, March 22, 2010

The following is a comment left by a reader by the name of Phannara regarding the CTK article on King Sihamoni:

This is very ignorant article ever! I found it very disrespect! Where is your ethic KI? Now you have really show that you are just another side taking, political manipulating blog. "KI-Media loves to hear from you, and we're giving you a bullhorn. We just ask that you keep things civil. Please leave out personal attacks, do not use profanity, ethnic or racial slurs, or take shots at anyone's sexual orientation or religion. We thank you for your cooperation!" But all i seen is one side attacked and exploitation. As i remembered you wrote an article to acknowledged the readers not to personally attacked Ms. Sotheary, which i supported that, however, it is clearly showed on your website that from day to day you just keep on ravaging your political opponent like a mad dog. And now this time the King? What did he ever do his role in politic? By far to me and some other people he is a very good king, he never involved in politic! All he did is helping his people. You really lost it KI! You really lost it!

A footnote from Heng Soy:

Dear Lok Phannara,

Thank you for letting your voice be heard, although I am somewhat baffled by your irritation against the article, which by the way, was very well written by the Czech news agency CTK.

Nonetheless, I can sense your irritation about my curiosity on protocol: with all due respect to the king, when someone earns an honorary doctorate, is it OK to call that person Dr.? In the case of the king, what is the royal protocol to address the king: is it Dr. King or King Dr.? Could you please help illuminate my curious mind on this issue?

As for the title "dancing king", if you were to read the article, it was attributed to the king by the eminent AMU Professor Bozena Brodska, most likely by affection than by disrespect. While I understand that, in the Cambodian psyche, any ordinary Cambodian citizens who are involved in singing, dancing, etc... are usually looked down upon by society in general, therefore, when a king is professionally involved in such activity, referring to him by his profession is considered a disrespect? Then, shall we all write to our respectful king to repudiate his past?

In my humble opinion, professional and amateur-alike dancing and singing are honorable professions as anything else, in the case of Khmer dancers and singers, they even help perpetuate our tradition and culture. Therefore, I think that we should look past beyond our rigid mindset and be more open-minded rather than sticking to an untouchable protocol reserved exclusively for certain class of people like kings, queens, leaders separated from the remainder of the populace. After all, aren't we all human beings with flesh and blood?

Just my humble personal opinion only!

Yours truly,

Heng Soy


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