Son of 2-star general Chea Morn arrested … for robbery

Thursday, March 25, 2010

2-star General Chea Morn (L) (Photo: Reuters)

26 March 2010
Translated from Khmer by Socheata

Siem Reap provincial authority indicated that Chea Sophal, the son of General Chea Morn, the commander of the army region 4, was arrested by military police on 24 March and sent to the court for sentencing. An anonymous source from the Siem Reap military police indicated that the arrest is related to a robbery that took place 5 years ago in Chong Kaosou village, Slor Kram commune, Siem Reap city. The same source said that he does not know the cause of the robbery, but Chea Sophal was sentenced in absentia to 5 years of jail time for robbery. The source indicated that, following the sentence, Chea Sophal appeal the court decision. On 24 March, Judge Ith Samphos held another trial and in the afternoon of that same day, the judge decided to sentence Chea Sophal to 6-1/2 years of jail time for robbery and illegal use of firearms.


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