SRP to study weak and strong points of the government priorities

Monday, March 22, 2010

SRP MP Son Chhay (2nd from left) talking with visiting EU MPs (Photo: SRP)

20 March 2010

By Ky Soklim
Radio France Internationale
Translated from Khmer by Socheata
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The SRP is starting to study weak and strong points on a number of priorities set by the CPP. The sector which the SRP will start to study first is the agriculture sector, followed by the health sector and the education sector.

The SRP had decided to study weak and strong points in a number of priority sectors set the government since 2009, however the full influence of these priorities is only starting to take shape in 2010. On Sunday, Son Chhay, the opposition whip, said that from now on, SRP MPs will study to find weak and strong points in a number of priority sectors, such as the agriculture sector, the health sector, the education sector and a number of other sectors as well.

SRP MP Son Chhay explained that there are three goals in performing these studies:

1- To set the SRP’s policy goals when it will win the election in the future and will be called to rule the country.
2- The SRP will provide advises to the government on points that are lacking and that are necessary, or on what people face at the grass root level.
3- The opposition can propose laws regarding any need, if necessary, after it receives the actual results of the research.

Son Chhay indicated that the majority of the studies will be conducted with the people through public forums or through SRP commune, district or provincial councilors who are living next to the people. Son Chhay said that, upon receiving full reports, his working group will then discuss these issues with experts in the field.

Son Chhay explained that his working group is currently studying the agriculture sector because it is very important for the livelihood of Cambodians. This study will be completed in June of this year. Through this research study, Son Chhay said that Cambodian farmers are facing three major difficulties: (1) large number of farmers do not own land to cultivate their crops; (2) farmers face large expenditures for its production because of the need to purchase fertilizers, gasoline, etc…; and (3) farmers have a hard time finding markets for their products.

After completing the study in the agricultural sector, Son Chhay said that the party will meet to decide whether to perform a study on the health sector or on the livelihood of the population in general. Son Chhay explained that the second topic of study would be studied to propose a law on the minimum wages in Cambodia.


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