Letter from Gao Hongying on comment posted on KI-Media

Monday, August 2, 2010

KI-Media Note: Dear Readers, we just received the following email from Gao Hongying regarding a comment posted by a former employee of the Vietnamese company Sacombank. Gao Hongying did not indicate in his email his relationship with Sacombank, only to warn us to pay attention to his email which we have reproduced below. In our opinion, there is no reason for us to revise somebody else's article content or remove it unless a gross error has been made which we do not believe that was the case.
  • Firstly, if the Sacombank feels that it has been slighted by our comment, this bank should have sent us an official letter asking to clarify the situation and we would have gladly obliged.
  • Secondly, Gao Honying did not provide any indication of his relationship to this bank either, furthermore, the email address he uses (webmaster@chasoft.net) to send the email below to us does not provide any clue that Gao Hongying is related in anyway to Sacombank.
  • Thirdly, the anonymous author who posted the original comment did not use the words "illegal and unethical" in his/her statement, we at KI-Media take responsibility for using these words as the header to the comment. Should Gao Hongying himself reads the explanation in that article, then Gao Hongying would be able to understand where, in our mind, these words would come from.
  • Fourthly, we believe that, logically, if we were to remove this article, why then should we make revision to the article as suggested by Gao Hongying (you MUST make a revision on the content of that article and remove it immediately) in the first place?

KI-Media team

Dear KI-Media TEAM,

Please pay attention to my email because this is really a very serious issue!!!

Two days ago, i read an article on your website with the title "Illegal and unethical employment practive against Khmer employees at the Viet Sacombank in Cambodia?". I think you MUST make a revision on the content of that article and remove it immediately.

In this article, a man who resigned from a company with a reason "the company decrease his salary after probationary period", then he accused the company for Illegal and unethical", more than that, he hurt all vietnamese company in Cambodia, especially all Vietnamese! After probationary period, anything can happen. The company can terminate his contract, increase or decrease this sallary. And any other companies will do the same! So what is "Illegal and unethical" here. If he don't accept the offer, he can resign as he did. But he did accuse the company is completely wrong. And I can see that all readers, they don't pay attention to the core problem of that man, they seem only care about the title only and then there are many unsuitable comments.

I just want the KI-Media TEAM read the article carefully and do the appopriate action. Thank you very much!

Best regards,


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