All Cambodians must lobby Unesco for Preah Vihear

Monday, August 2, 2010

By Mora Mao

Our Cambodian government and people must not let our guard down, this is the second time that UNESCO committee members have delayed or postponed the final consideration whether to approve our plan or to reject our plan. Now the Unesco's World Heritage Commission is now expected to reach a decision on the Preah Vihear temple during its meeting in Bahrain next year, and no body know what decision the UNESCO members will be rendered next year. Now, we must discuss among ourselves and consult with the experts of how to pursue this matter to a true victory resolution. Our Cambodian government must present every documents and arguments to influence the decision makers, to show why they should approve our plan, and why the Thai made illegitimate claim. Our Cambodian people inside the country and all over the world must unite together to call, email, send letter to UNESCO Members and to rally all over the world to protest against the Thai that they falsified this claim and to influence and support UNESCO members to ultimately approve our Preah Vihear Temple Management Plan. Below are some members at the UNESCO Bureau.

1) Susan Williams, Chief, Media Section: Bureau of Public Info.
Tel: 33(0)145 68 17 06

2) Isabelle LE FOURNIS, Press Attache: Bureau of Public Info.
Tel: 33(0) 145 68 1748

3) Djibril KEBE, Press Attache:
Bureau of Public Info.
Tele: 33(0) 145 68 1741

OR log on to: UNESCO.ORG to express your feeling, please use proper wordings. Thanks to everyone and congratulation to our fellow Cambodians all over the world.


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