Youn prohibit Khmer from farming on Khmer land

Monday, July 26, 2010

Border post 270 which Cambodian farmers accused of being planted on their rice field

Vietnamese authority again bans Cambodian farmers from ploughing in their lands near border post No. 270

Monday, 26 July 2010
By Khmerization
Source: Den Ayuthyea, RFA

Villagers living near border post No. 270 on the Cambodian-Vietnamese border have on Saturday 24th July claimed that the Vietnamese authority has again prohibited them from ploughing their lands, claiming that it is still in dispute, reports Radio Free Asia.

Early last month, villagers in Anh Chanh village, Chey Chok commune in Borei Cholasa district of Takeo province claimed that border post No. 270 was planted inside Cambodian territory and inside their lands.

On Saturday, a villager who spoke on condition of anonymity said he went to work on his land but the Vietnamese authority came to prohibit him from working on the land. He is appealing to the Cambodian authority to intervene so he can work on his land. "The Vietnamese did not allow us to plough in our land. Please help us. I ploughed in my land this morning and the Vietnamese came and asked me to stop. The forbidden spot is 400 metres from the border post (No. 270). They prohibited me from ploughing, saying that just wait until Monday that they will resolve the issue", he said.

Another anonymous villager said that the Vietnamese authority had also banned him from working on his land, located 400 metres from the border post. "I went down to plough my land and the Vietnamese authority asked me to stop. They said just wait until Monday that their chief will come down to resolve the issue of lands located 400 metres from the border post. All the villagers living in this village dare not protest for fearing that the (Cambodian) authority will accuse them of belonging to this or that (opposition) political party. Living in this area is very difficult, it is not easy. What the people said are the truth, not an exaggeration", he said.

Mr. Srey Ben, Governor of Takeo province, told RFA on Sunday 25th July that no authority had banned any villagers from working in their land in the area. "I will go and see with my own eyes. No authority had banned anyone from working inside Cambodian territory. They (the Vietnamese) only prohibit anyone (Khmers) from working in lands inside their territory. We Khmers plough inside Khmer territory and Vietnamese will plough in their territory. There is no relations, they work in their territory and we work inside our territory", he said.

In mid June, there are claims that the Vietnamese authority once prohibited Khmer farmers from ploughing the land in the same spots.


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