The “Cambodian Women’s Movement” is valueless … enough to attract the attention of the government?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tith Sothea claimed that the the Grassroots Cambodian Women’s Movement is valueless in terms of national development, yet, this government mouthpiece still couldn't resist but being attracted by the issues raised by the Women's Movement. So is the Women's Movement valueless as Tith Sothea claimed or is it time for Hun Xen and Xok An to replace this clueless flatulent windpipe?

Gov’t official: Cambodian Women’s Movement is valueless for national development

27 July 2010
By Son Sopheak
DAP news
Translated from Khmer by Heng Soy

Phnom Penh – A government official declared that the Cambodian Women Movement – which expressed its concerns over the freedom of expression and the respect of women rights in Cambodia – has no value for the national development because this group was set up to support only one individual.

The claim was made by this [stupid] official after the Grassroots Cambodian Women’s Movement issued a joint statement supporting and defending SRP MP Mu Sochua. The Women’s Movement indicated that it represents the Cambodian people, including human rights advocates, garment workers, sex workers, beer-promotion women, community members, motor-taxi drivers, university students, vendors, farmers, union members, teachers, government officials, and NGO representatives, and it is concerned about the freedom of expression and the respect of women’s rights in Cambodia.

Tith Sothea, government advisor and mouthpiece of the Press and Quick Reaction Unit of the Council of Ministers, said on 27 July that this women’s group was formed to serve the ambition of an individual only and that it does not represent all the women in the country. Tith Sothea claimed that the extreme demands made the group have no value for national development at a time when Cambodia is abiding by the rule of law (sic!).

During a meeting of about 15 people, most of whom were women, at the Baitong Restaurant on Tuesday morning, the Women’s Movement declared in its joint statement that they call on the government to show strong commitment and take more visible responsibility in putting in practice the promotion of: (1) Women’s roles and participation in politics, (2) Women’s rights; (3) Freedom of expression; and (4) A fair judicial system.

Tith Sothea, the (stupid) government mouthpiece, stressed that the formation of this Women’s Movement was done to set up a foundation for political and popularity gain for an opposition MP so that she can compete with the opposition party leader (sic!). Tith Sothea voiced the government’s mantra, claiming that freedom of expression and the respect of democracy is widely accepted in Cambodia, unlike what the Women’s Movement claimed.


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