Touch Naroth denies having any nephew or niece who would use his name to threaten cops

Friday, July 16, 2010

This thug-woman claimed to be Touch Naroth's niece when she hit a street divider and tried to threaten the cops who showed up. She also trashed the cops' camera (inset). With so much evidence, why does Touch Naroth have to order his cops to look for her? (Photo: DAP news)

16 July 2010
Translated from Khmer by Socheata

General Touch Naroth, the Phnom Penh police commissioner, issued a public declaration that he ordered all the cops working under him to find all the thug-kids who used his name to claim to be their uncle and went on to threaten the Tuol Kok traffic cops and trashed their cameras to destroy (the evidence). Touch Naroth told the Koh Santepheap news that he has no nephew/niece, no younger sibling, and he does not allow any thug to use his name to make people scared of them. The open reaction of Touch Naroth takes place after news reports indicated that a car crashed into a street divider in the evening of 14 July, but when the cops showed up to perform their duties, they were attacked by a group of thug-kids (who drove the car and their friends) and one of the young women claimed that she is Touch Naroth’s niece, and the cops were (indeed) scared of her.


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