At 11:55AM, Mrs. Mu Sochua was on her way to lunch at Phsar Kap Ko while waiting for the biased court to come and arrest her

Friday, July 16, 2010

Mrs. Mu Sochua (L) and Strongman Hun Xen (R)

16 July 2010

DAP news
Translated from Khmer by Socheata

Phnom Penh – At 11:55AM on 16 July 2010, SRP MP Mu Sochua still stands on her stance, saying that she is ready to go to jail if there is any arrest warrant issued for her.

Mrs. Mu Sochua told the DAP-news, while still scolding and accusing the Cambodian judicial system of being unfair, that she wants her case to be decided by a transparent and independent court.

Mrs. Mu Sochua indicated that she is traveling with a large group of women to go to lunch at Phsar Kap Ko.

On Friday morning, DAP attempted to contact officials from the Phnom Penh municipal court, as well as Chiv Keng, the court president, but nobody replied the calls.

In the morning of 15 July, Mrs. Mu Sochua declared that she is maintaining her stance of not paying the compensation to Strongman Hun Xen.

During a press conference held at the SRP party headquarters in Phnom Peng, Mrs. Mu Sochua said that she would rather go to jail than paying 8 million riels in compensation to Hun Xen and paying 8.5 milion riels in fine to the state coffer.

She said that the reason she refuses to pay is because the Cambodian judiciary system is unfair and is biased toward Hun Xen.

Sok Roeun, the deputy prosecutor of the Phnom Penh municipal court, indicated that the ultimatum date for Mrs. Mu Sochua to pay her fine will end on 16 July 2010. He added that the court will take legal measures if Mrs. Mu Sochua still refuses to pay the amount of money as ordered by the court. However, Sok Roeun did not say what these measures would be, he only said that the public will know about these measures.

The dispute between Strongman Hun Xen and Mrs. Mu Sochua took place in 2009 and Mrs. Mu Sochua sued Hun Xen for defaming her. On 02 July 2010, the Supreme Court decided that Mrs. Mu Sochua lost her case to Strongman Hun Xen.

Prior to that, the Phnom Penh municipal court and the Appeal court also decided that she lost her case to Strongman Hun Xen as well, and she was ordered to pay 16.5 million riels in compensation and fine.

Up until this hour, the public is still awaiting to see when the court will take its legal measures against Mrs. Mu Sochua.

DAP will continue to follow up on this case and will publish information as they become available.


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