The many ways to curse Heng Soy ... please choose your words curse wisely

Monday, June 21, 2010

Dear Readers,

It's early morning here in Phnom Penh. After spending the whole night awake, I thought I would share with our readers the many ways one can curse my name and the explanation that goes with it. My advance apologies if I may offend any of you, the following are merely my own self-deprecating notes.

I have to confess that I am somewhat disappointed because these curses pale in comparison to the alleged exchange between our famous singer and her husband.

Last, but not least, please believe me, when I say "disappointed" I did not mean to look down on anybody!

Yours truly,

Heng Soy


Ah Soy: The unlucky (derogatory)

Hen Soy: Ruined unlucky

Seng Soy: Soy who is sold or rented out for a commission or profit

Heng Soy so childish: Need I say more?

Antikhmer Heng Soy: I never renege my Khmer nationality as far as I know

Ah Heng Soy, Ah Jangrai: Heng Soy (derogatory) the prophet of evil. Please send in your donation, I will pray for you! All currencies accepted except Vietnamese Dongs (too heavy and burdensome!).

Your parents are all dead: Please tell me something new

Idiot and Little Snake like you: How could you tell I am slithery when I did not meet you face to face yet? Did I tell you also that I am a venomous snake?

Idiot divider: Agreed! Please send me a calculator, I was never good at division.

[You are] being a great divider: Please see above

[You are] playing Yuon Hanoi game: I am not the one who is traveling to Hanoi on cue, am I?

A skilled troll: As far as I can tell, I'm a wee bit taller than a troll

[You] can only stir up the flame confusing the ignorant pukes: I'm speechless at the power I have not acquired yet.

A troll divider is Heng Soy: How can I reject the absolute truth? Anyway, which page of the bible stated this again?

Heng Soy is stupid: Agreed!

Heng Soy and Hun Sen are the same thing, they are they both are dumb and stupid street gangsters!: Amen! Wait, I still have both eyes and I do not live in Tuol Krasaing.

Crazy mob like Heng Soy: A one-man mob? How do you do that?

Stupid divider H[eng]S[oy]: How can I oppose a higher authority?

Heng Soy is Hun Sen alike: Sorry to disappoint you, I still have both eyes and I don't curse.

You are soy biggest time: You are soy to the n-th power?

KI[-Media] makes readers stupid: Really? But, Sir/Madam, you thought differently from others, therefore, you are definitely not one. Do I feel a sense of contradiction here?

The hypocrite great dividers owned KI[-Media]: To be exact, Google owns Blogspot which hosted KI-Media for free.

Heng Soy is very SOY: Couldn't agree more!

Heng Soy is one of the irrational and extreme divider: Right on the money!

Heng Sa-oy: Lucky foul smell. I must have a skunk in my family tree? Lucky? I doubt it!

Heng Ksouy: Lucky out of breath

Fool Ah Soy: No translation needed

You are wrong and fxxxing dirty: I may be wrong, but I don't think I'm dirty, I shower at least once a day even when the temperature falls below zero and several times a day when the temperature climbs above 40 degrees Celsius.


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