Attack on Queen Mother's Birthday

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dear KI Staffs,

As faithful follower of your blog I would like to share the following feedback and observations with you.

Currently, the antagonizing against the King-Father and Mother has really been on the rise especially on note of their planned official visit to Vietnam.

Although KI-Media has its part in this divisive new trend - evidence in the fact that no other time is this kind of behavior more prevalent than now - it is not entirely KI-Media's fault. I like the service you provide and i trust that your enthusiasm for our country will keep it going for a very long time. But, I wonder sometimes, in light of immaturity of Khmer society shown her in adopting this new IT communications tool, if KI-Media's dedication to bringing sensitive news and opening up anonymous interaction is rather more detrimental than being a positive and open venue for Cambodians to participate and voice their concern and frustration in their country's development and politics.

Why do I wonder this? Because these various virile increase number of attacks at least to me, points to conclusion that mob mentality is on the rise and that KI through its sometimes provocative titles to images -albeit without intention to divide- are lending a helping hand to creating a negative space on the net and negative mob mentality.

Over and over again, here on KI-Media when I observed that once a person is attacked, a whole group of commentators equipped with anonymity as their shield will reign in and echo the attacks, and only at even more disturbing level of cruelty. Whether these people can expressed their opinions clearly and respectfully does not matter as long as they have the megaphone of anonymity they will spout out anything. Even the dignity of an elderly women is not off the subject!

Case and point clear example, such persons who made comments under the article you post

A study of contrast ... well, Happy Birthday Your Majesty Queen Mother!

were attacking Queen Mother very personally and cruelly referring to her various physicals features. It is unbelievable that such person him/herself was also born of a mother, and grandmother. As a Khmer myself, It is hard for me to believe that this was or is part of Khmer tradition! This is ភ្លើ (Pleu) tradition (How do we say Pleu in English)? We should understand that we Khmer have these words because we have a beautiful culture of respect and defined these characters clearly for which our children are to be rear up against.

Myself, born as Khmer was taught to respect other people and especially our elders. But I wonder why these aspect of Khmer character are not demonstrated with these cruel commentators? Are they Khmer? Do they know what it means to be Khmer? In light of this, do they even qualify to speak about the Khmer problem when they themselves are part of the problem?

In light of such despicable acts and disrespect should they even have the right to speak at all? Freedom of speech is only free and wonderful if we respect the rights of others.

I like to ask KI-Media and its readers to think about what distinguish such persons from Hun Sen? Hun Sen is a man who deserves to be put in isolation not a person deserving of respect as head of state. He has no dignity. Just this past week, we as Khmer has helped to sign over 2000 petitions against this man and his view of women. Yet here on KI-Media, we see no other attitude from some readers then the one we just condemned! Is it not those type of character and personality which KI-Media and we Khmer patriots work so hard to eliminate from our society? Or do we still wish to foster and support that culture of disrespectful,savage characterization and personal attacks of people we disagree with?

Because ultimately, whether we Khmer like it or not, it is purely a disagreement in policy.

I for one, vehemently disagree with former King's father's visit and perfectly agree and appreciate the well thought out but harsh analysis by Neay Krud and Khmer Young and Khmerization and other civil analysis given here, but I am appalled by the level of ignorance and pheap akseliathor from some so called "Khmer" people who speaks here when they disagree. These people give bad name to all Khmer character as a whole.

I believe KI-Media with its increasing influence has a role to play. You are now building a very large follower and therefore you have a "power" and with this power of information should also comes responsibility.

I hope that KI-Media will continue to grow into mature media in order to help us Khmer in Cambodia and oversea understand our country, and shape our future together as Khmer through constructive dialogue and listening, to affect the decision-making and fate of our nation.

As you all know, the people in government also follows your site. You can use this rare opportunity, because I believe no other site is more popular and far reaching as KI-Media. Let this be a tool for call to unity rather than to help foster mentalities, characters, and altitude like that which Mr. Hun Sen portrays!

That said, I am not asking you to stop your exposé of the government's shortcomings and corruptions- in fact it is these very type of news and information that drives me and many other Khmer to your website. I just ask that you consider your power and responsibility within this new framework of IT news and help to continue open the dialogue space for all Cambodian people but steer clear of leading a mob and negative mentality.

I also understand that you cannot control your commentator and the extreme opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect your own.

I like to finish my long tirade with one of your commentators in the forum, "Leave room for some tradition". We are Khmer.

Thank you,

Name withheld by request


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