Weird News: Brian Blessed in your GPS and more

Saturday, April 3, 2010

It may be April 1st but, inconceivably, all these articles are really real.

Modded t-shirt lets you know when you have unread emails

If you're a tech obsessed fashionista then check out this prime example of gadget and fashion hackery; a t shirt that connects, wirelessly, to your phone and displays how many email you've yet to peruse.

Brian Blessed GPS petition

Ozzy Osbourne and John Cleese and now Brian Blessed might be headed to bellow directions from your TomTom. TomTom have confirmed that if the petition reaches 25,000 members they'll start negotiations with the star of such classics as Flash Gordon and... erm... Flash Gordon.

iPad skin gives the Apple device a little Star Trek charm

The dreams of both gadget geeks and red shirted Trekies have been fulfilled; the iPad skinned to look like a Star Trek PADD. Now you too can have a "Captain's Log".

Netbook with folding keyboard

It's an overtly utopian design, but aren't all technology concepts? They make you all misty eyed for the technology of the future, like a slimline netbook with a folding, full-size keyboard.

Music video gives you 3D minus the glasses

Lets be honest, most of us will have to wait quite a while before we get to experience 3D outside of the cinema but this video, using a technique known as wiggle stereoscopy, gives you the illusion of 3D, minus the giant blue cat people and the three grand price tag.

iPhoneHD mock-up is impressive. Hopefully Apple is watching

We've got mock-ups on the mind today, as this delightful piece of concept art for the fabled iPhoneHD demonstrates. And just like all the iPhone concepts that graced the web before prior to its unveiling, it'll probably look nothing like this. Darn it.

How to spot a hidden iPad

Based on a pamphlet on spotting hidden handguns; a handy guide to spot who has an iPad on their person, so you can plead with them to use it... and then run away with it.

Amazon hates your hard drives

Might want to skip on ordering that 2TB hard drive you've been eyeing on Amazon, at least until they fix their packaging, as several customers have found their hard drives shipped with little, or no, protection and dead on arrival.

Massive product defects we seem let fly

Gadgets are great, except when their not and then they rapidly become the source (and recipient) of your ire, especially when these faults are built-in and there's nothing we can do, but just put up with them.

iCash - the iPhone card reader

By turning the iPhone into an on the go card reader it opens up a world of possibilities and monstrous credit card bills.


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