The iPad apps available on launch day

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The iPad will certainly not be short of apps come launch.

If you’re lucky enough to have an iPad in the post, winging its way to you to enhance your Easter enjoyment, you’re probably wondering what new or revamped apps will be available for the device when you finally rip it out of the packaging and hit up the app store.

Well you’re in look as there will be no lack of apps available at launch, with over a thousand gracing the brand spanking new platform on its April 3rd release which will quickly turn into thousands, as apps make it through approval.


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The pre-approved apps available on release include the standard fare; such as Twitterific, one of many expected, Twitter clients, optimised news apps from the likes of the Wall Street Journal, Reuters and the Associated Press.

Meanwhile, for those wanting to have a little fun when launch day comes by, a glut of games will grace the iPad’s 10.1 inch screen, Flurry, an analytics company in the mobile industry, speculated that 40% of apps in development are games while major studios such as EA are making a large push onto the new platform.

Interesting additions to the app store also include the Magic Piano app, from the makers of the endlessly enjoyable Ocarina for iPhone, and Gray Wolfram Periodic table, a interactive periodic praised by Stephen Fry.

For those across the Atlantic, a Netflix app will be available free on launch day. The app, like the service itself, is only available in the United States will allow users to manage their cues and stream Netflix video on demand content.

The American broadcaster ABC, the home of shows such as Lost and Grey’s Anatomy, will have a free app allowing viewing of their entire TV line-up via Wi-Fi.

Rumours have also been circulating, ahead of the launch that Hulu is planning a video viewing app that may adopt a subscription model that could be see Hulu turning subscription-only.

Link: AppShopper (iPad app list)


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