More Khmer Krom arrested

Friday, July 9, 2010

Ven. Thach Vannak

Dear President Thach Ngoc Thach, Bang and Friends:

This is the sad information regarding to two innocents Khmer Krom who were accused and arrested by Cambodian authorities to imprison at Takeo province. Former Ven. Thach Vannak who fled to Cambodia because of Vietnamese authorities’persecution was arrested on June 2, 2010 because Cambodian authorities searched his computers and saw the documents of Khmer nation leaders 1-2 and the root of 7 January and Mr.Thach Le who was arrested on May 28, 2010.

After they were arrested to imprison at Takeo no one helps his cases so far. I have just received the information from the wife of Victims and their friends who seek assistances. Therefore, I would you please help release this information to make their cases public concerned and get any intervention to free them.They are innocent people and become victims because they downloaded the books mentioned above to read.

I hope that you will kindly consider on this matter and made it publicly concerned.

Respectfully yours,

Sar Serey


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