Unconditional nomination of Hun Xen and Xok An to the Royal Cambodian Academy ... which was created by Hun Xen

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hun Xen (R) and Xok An (L) are the two new members of the Royal Cambodian Academy which, coincidentally, was set up by Hun Xen himself. Hun Xen's talent is displayed by his poem writing whereas Xok An is a well known expert in cock-fighting.

Poem written by Academician Hun Xen sent to his lover, Ms. Piseth Pilika, who was later gunned down. Heng Pov revealed that the person who commissioned the killing of Piseth Pilika was no other than Mrs. Bun Rany Hun Xen, the famous wife of Academician Hun Xen (Poem posted at: pisethpilika.free.fr)

21 April 2010
By Nhim Sophal
Cambodge Soir Hebdo
Translated from French by Sen Os Somneuch
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Hun Xen and vice-PM Xok An have just been nominated as members of the Royal Cambodian Academy

The royal decree to the effect was also issued, but the ceremony will only take place next week. It is now official: the two leaders are now full members of the famous academy. 16 individuals, including 4 Cambodians living overseas, are part of this prestigious institution.

Created in 199 by a sub-decree issued by Hun Xen who is also its honorary president, the Royal Academy is still administered by the Council of Ministers. At the beginning, there was no preset condition to become a member. Graduated individuals who provide academic documents and work are often accepted as its members. Under this stipulation, Hun Xen – who penned several poems and research works in politics, as well as giving out important speeches – and Xok An were both admitted to the prestigious institution.

However, in the future, candidates must fulfill new conditions in order to become provisory members. They must earn a Ph.D. degree after spending 5 years of academic work and they must be elected the full members. The maximum number of members is limited to 60 and only 2 persons can be selected for each year.

“To be elected, one must undertake scientific research without plagiarizing others. We must have new [rules], but for now, it is not easy to follow all the rules,” Ros Chantraboth, an advisor and full member of the academy, admitted.

For the past 10 years, this institution has been criticized for not undertaking any valid research. From now on, it hopes to play the role of a memory bank for the government and the society.


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