Government to lodge a lawsuit against Sam Rainsy by today

Friday, February 26, 2010

(Photo: AFP)

Friday, 26 February 2010
By Khmerization
Sources: Kampuchea Thmey and RFI

The Cambodian government said it has completed preparing lawsuit documents against opposition Sam Rainsy and will lodge them with the Phnom Penh Court by today, Friday 26th, report Kampuchea Thmey newspaper and Radio France Internationale.

Mr. Khieu Kanharith, government spokesman and Minister of Information, said Mr. Sam rainsy will be sued for disinformation and faking of public documents. Both charges are criminal offences which carry a jail. However, Mr. Sam Rainsy had been convicted earlier for sabotage and destruction of public property and sentenced in absebtia to 2 years jail when he uprooted 6 border stakes on 25th October 2009.

Mr. Tith Sothea, member of government's Quick Press Reaction Unit, said Mr. Sam Rainsy had faked documents about border encroachments by Vietnam and try confuse and mislead the public, so only the court can decide whether the government or Mr. Sam Rainsy is right.

Radio France Internationale reported that, according to government sources, lawsuit documents against Mr. Sam Rainsy will reach the Phnom Penh Court today. The sources said that Mr. Sam Rainsy is being sued for disinformation and faking public documents under article 49 of UNTAC's Criminal Code which carries penalty of 5 to 15 years jail term if proven.

Mr. Sam Rainsy, who is living in exile in Paris, has said that he is not concerned with the new lawsuits. Mr. Kimsour Phirith, acting spokesman for the opposition Sam Rainsy Party, said the new lawsuits against Mr. Sam Rainsy is a political oppression carried out to contain the influence of the opposition parties.


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