controversial policy

Monday, July 20, 2009

While accessing the ilovekhmer website recently, we noticed that the website has posted its policy and we couldn’t help but notice the following caveat:

“We also remove this website if requested to do so by Cambodian authorities.”

The first question that comes to mind after reading such policy is whether this website is set up to serve Khmer interest, in general, or Hun Sen’s regime propaganda, in particular? If the website’s goal is to provide factual information, such information should be independent of any government influence, and it cannot allow itself to be dictated by any current regime in power.

While we laud the site’s attempt to “provide internationally accepted facts” on Cambodia and her history, we also urge to operate independently of any government in place. In other words: “The truth shall set you free” of any government influence, only Khmer interest counts in this case.

Let the government take care of the politicking while takes care of factual historical facts!



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